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One of our key business activities is Complete Trade Management: the sourcing of products for customers, negotiating directly with worldwide suppliers, securing contracts in our customers’ best interests, and then the logistics management of the shipment, accepting liability for the goods while in transit and deliver it to our customer wherever he/she wished to. In this case, it won’t be necessary to worry about anything.

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3T competitive advantages

  • Systematic approach and engineering view to the business matters and thus reduction of commodity delivery time
  • Employing the elite students from top universities with the support of top consultants in the marketing field and international business
  • Trade services with minimum costs and thus reduction of the final cost of goods for customers
  • Guaranty the quality of the commodity by selecting reliable suppliers and utilizing quality control inspectors
  • Creation of foreign investment opportunities and providing necessary infrastructure for export of domestic commodities
  • Indentifying target markets in different countries with bench marking of successful companies in the world

3T Customers

  • Productive and industrial factories
  • Merchants and traders
  • Industry and mine owners
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Doctors, Health & Medical centers and companies related to medical equipment
  • Universities, research centers and laboratories

What We Do Our Services


In export process,after analyzing the target markets, we will discover the international customers for the commodities and will start negotiation for sale.


3T international trade company investigates sources of products and materials for businesses, directly from international suppliers, at cost price.


In our Franchising Services Department, we provide different services for franchisors and franchisees.
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Tacticians of Trade & Technology 3T

  • 3T international trade services are entirely based on making savings and providing the easiest way for your business. We take good care of every aspect of international supply chain management, developing sustainable, long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • Email: info@3t-co.com

Some Features

We would be glad if you could give us the opportunity to show our unique approach in providing a highly economic solution.

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